forever home cover underdrawing in progress
watercolor process of book cover illustration
illustrating a children's book
illustrating a children's book
run away dog collar
puppy obedience school illustration
dog with bandaged paw drawingi
chocolate lab with bandage from Forever Home children's book

Technique: illustrating a children’s book “Forever Home: Tales of Four Lucky Dogs”

Stages of the watercolor and pastel illustrations for book from underdrawings to finals with photos from the drawing board.

Working with preliminary digital sketches and reference photos, the book as designed has black and white drawings to open each tale and full color images for the rest of the book. Work began with the drawings, some of which served as underdrawings and some as final art. I then painted with watercolor in transparent glazes of color enhanced with opaque white. My final magic touches were added in pastel to create the soft realism that is my personal style.

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