friend_on_the_porch_book_coverRealistic illustration for Christian children's book by deb hoeffner illustration“Deb embraced my story of Benjamin far beyond the illustrator’s contract.”
— Barbara E Bull
Author of “Benjamin’s Gift”
“The moment I saw Deb’s work, I knew she was the right illustrator for “A Friend on the Porch”. I am so happy I followed my heart!”
—Kelley Merritt Author of “A Friend on the Porch”

“You perform great under pressure, a regular newspaper person.”
—Jeannine Kerr
Editor, NY Daily News
Kingdom Packaging Label illustration for beer and beveragedog portraits by deb hoeffner“I just wanted to personally say how much I love your work and how great your illustrations are. Everyone’s worked for almost a year to bring Kingdom to life: the animals were something that we all really wanted right at the beginning — a different side of Cambodia from the two usual images and stories that people see — ancient temples and decades of war. Thanks to your beautiful work and such a collaborative attitude through the work process you’ve really helped create something we’re so proud of. Thanks for everything!”
—Marianne Waller
Executive Creative Director, Bates 141 Cambodia


“You truly captured Lyric and her spirit! I am just delighted and appreciative, and I know my husband will be as well. What a Christmas present!”
—Mary Elizabeth Andress
Owner of Lyric, a very special Doberman


Lucky The Tale of a Tree illustrated by deb hoeffner Forever Home Book cover illustration and artwork - Tales of Four Lucky Dogs illustrated by deb hoeffner“It has been an honor and distinct pleasure to work with Deb Hoeffner as the illustrator of my book, Forever Home: Tales of Four Lucky Dogs. She has the amazing gift of capturing not only the look, but the personality of each dog. She has been thorough, patient and giving of her talent throughout the entire project. She is precise in knowing exactly how the illustrations should appear and has worked brilliantly with the designer. My book would not have been possible without her amazing talent.”
—Lynn Whitman
Author of “Forever Home: Tales of Four Lucky Dogs”
“Deb is a superb artist, and a joy to work with in every way! She has my strongest recommendation.”
—Richard C. Hawkins
Author of “Lucky: The Tale of a Tree”


New York Times editorial article rat illustration for science section


“No one believes me that it is an illustration! Thank you for making me look good!” —Jodi Miller
Art Director, Science section “Rats Smell in Stereo”,  The New York Times


“Your cover portrait was a real hit – we received lots of compliments about it!”
—Lou Zickar
Editor, Ripon Forum Magazine
All You Want and Then Some religious book cover illustration for girls “I received my books today and was in awe at the beauty of the final product. Deb took my words and breathed life into them, enabling me to tell this story with the feeling and emotion that is often difficult to portray in print. Deb’s passion for her work, her meticulous attention to detail and ability to illustrate emotion through the expressions of her subjects, coupled with a magnificent fusion of color results in an illustration that is amazingly lifelike. My experience working with Deb Hoeffner was one of great reward. She was committed to my project, communicated effectively, was responsive to requests, and offered council based on her experience. I am looking forward to continuing our partnership as I begin my next book.”
—Carolyn M. Brown
Author and self publisher of award-winning book  “All You Want and Then Some”


John Paul Jones b&w drawing for corporate logo illustrated“The artwork is wonderful as I knew it would be. I am looking forward to future projects with you as the company grows. Thank you ever so much for your creativity.”
—Daniel R. O’Brien
CEO Assett Coastal Surveillance

“Thanks so much for your timeliness and attention to this art for us. You do some awesome work, which clearly RE/MAX likes! The publication “Adventures in Advertising” that you previously provided artwork for just won the Platinum (highest award) in the 2007 Hermes Creative Awards! Congratulations!”
—Terri Sidwell
Graphic Designer, RE/MAX International, Inc.

testimonial for oil portraits of religious leaders by deb hoeffner“You did an amazing job with the painting! Truly sensational! I couldn’t be happier. I look forward to working with you again someday down the road.”
—Maurice Crescenzi, Jr. , Chicago art collector


“The portrait was so well received! It hung in my house over the weekend for safe keeping. My husband and son (both good friends of Reverend Hull) think that you captured him perfectly. That was the consensus of the congregation, too. They loved the fact that you captured him at a relaxed moment and chose that moment to paint. This is the Sandy they love and they think your sensitivity is incredible. Thank you for your talent and the timely way in which you handled the project. You are remarkable in many ways.”
—Carol Cornwell
Smoke Rise Community Church


U S Senator testimonial to portrait artist deb hoeffner“Deb, Thanks for making me look so good.”
—Senator Al D’Amato


“You painted a beautiful portrait of my grandparents during a very difficult time for me when my grandmother passed away. I gave the painting to my grandfather at Christmas. He was so touched by the remarkable painting and how it brings my grandmother to life through her eyes. As we marked the one year anniversary of her passing, I thought about how much this painting has buoyed our spirits, especially my grandfather’s during the past year. He has hung the painting where he can see it as he sits in his chair during the day. It is very precious to him. I just wanted to say thank you again Deb. Your kindness, thoughtfulness and support will never be forgotten.”
— N.C. , Boston, Massachusetts


Rocky Mountain Stars and Stripes patriotic magazine cover illustration “I am happy to report that the positive feedback on your cover art just keeps pouring in! We have even had some members calling in wondering if a print is available. We really hit a home run with that one! Thanks so much and congratulations on such a successful piece!”
— Jodie Peters
Art Director, Bugle Magazine – Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
book covers illustrated featuring dogs and children

“I received the galley proof of the book today. It took my breath away. Your illustrations next to the copy defy description. Thanks again for a great job. You really captured Moose. Thanks!”
—Jack Cotton, Jr.

Author of “ A Dog’s Guide to Life: Lessons From Moose

“I’ve been sitting here…looking at Woodrow, Perla, and Charlotte…and book covers illustrated - artwork that communicates and connects with readers I could not be more pleased. I’m so happy that I found your artwork on the net. I honestly don’t think I would have been happy going any other route. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism. You truly are great….as an illustrator…AND communicator!”
—Kaley Willow
Musician and Songwriter of “ Miss Willow’s Fence Row


blue heron in flight watercolor painting captures beauty and spirit“Your painting is beautiful! We are delighted with the way you captured the beauty and spirit of this iconic bird, for a long time meaningful to our daughter. You have helped us find a really beautiful gift for her graduation. Many thanks.”
Steve S. and Ann J., Grayslake, Illinois


Religious book covers are illustrated by deb hoefnner illustrator Your work is the only work on the face of the earth that took my breath away. You have done the artwork that captures him like nothing I have ever before seen.”
—Mary Sparrowdancer
Author of “The Love Song” (formerly titled “The Love Song of the Universe”)


testimonial“The editor has approved both illustrations and even commented on how great the attention to detail is. These are really beautiful. Digital Imaging also sends a “thanks” to you! I am impressed with the attention to detail you provided in these images. “Awesome” does not even begin to describe how pleased I am. You have a very special gift as an artist. It is a pleasure to work with you.”
—Dusty T. Payne
Creative Director, Dockery House Publishing
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