Stock Illustrations

Stock is a term that describes an assortment of existing illustrations available for professional usage in a wide variety of media: i.e. consumer products, prints, brochures, magazine articles, advertisements, websites, direct marketing, etc. Deb Hoeffner retains the copyright for all illustrations available as Stock. As a consumer of Stock, one purchases the right to use stock illustrations by entering into a license agreement in which reproduction rights are granted for a specified use, quantity and time frame. Deb maintains a record of usage for stock images and while the majority of licenses are non-exclusive, exclusive rights are available on an industry basis. Stock imagery is priced on a per image basis and is based on a specific project’s criteria: image reproduction size, print run, distribution, intended use, etc.

Low-resolution jpegs or pdf files are available on request for comp imagery to present for client approval. The low-resolution file may only be used in materials for personal, non-commercial use and test or sample use, including comps and layouts. The low-resolution digital images may not be used in any final materials distributed inside of a company or any materials distributed outside of a company or to the public, including but not limited to, advertising and marketing materials or any online, broadcast or other electronic distribution system (except to transmit comps digitally or electronically to a client for their review) and may not be distributed, sublicensed or made available for use or distribution separately or individually.

Reproduction rights are also available on many illustrations not shown in Stock.
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Stock illustrations available for licensing directly from realism artist stock illustrations and images available for sale directly from Deb Hoeffner, internationally published artist. Extensive offering of unique colorful paintings and black and white drawings of animals and people as well as portraits in stock. Using traditional mediums in uniquely colorful soft realism style freelance illustrator and stylized realistic illustration artist freelancing Deb Hoeffner is available for outsourcing. specializing in people and animals with personality. Also specializing in portraits, religious subjects, patriotic americana, historical subjects, childrens book and editorial illustrations. Where can I find a illustrations, art, stock graphics, illustrators, clipart, pictures, endangered species, animals, lions, tigers, bears, mountain lions, and stock illustrations, stock art, illustrations stock, stock animal art, Australian images, kangaroo, koala bear, Ayers rock, cats, illustrated cats, animal kingdom, animal artists, stock images, Uncle Sam, American icons, Americana, American symbols, medical illustration, hospital patients, homeless people, Jesus Christ, religious, Christianity, children’s portraits, Easter ascension, stock illustrations for sale, art stock, image licensing, nature illustration, wildlife art, ten commandments, patriotic images, JC Leyendecker, vintage stock illustration, big cats, panda bear, dog stock art, squirrel illustration, bird art, bird stock art, fox illustration, rat portrait, farm scenes, bucks county scenic art, bird of prey art, weasel illustration, anthropomorphic animals, songbirds, cuttalossa mill, gristmill painting, rural art and, stylized realistic illustration, illustrator freelance illustration artist, representational artist, figurative art, portrait painter, design portfolio of illustrate advertising designer books graphics artwork graphic illustrators painting free lance photography stock images, graphic design, freelance artist, stock images, art director, commercial designers book magazine jobs creative drawing editorial business work, commercial art. Internationally published freelance illustrator and stylized realistic illustration artist Deb Hoeffner is available for hire. specializing in people and animals with personality. Also special freelance in portraits, religious art, patriotic art, historical art, children book and editorial illustration for distinctive, beautiful hand painted and hand drawn illustrations, images, licensing art, stock art, clip art, stock illustrations, paintings and drawings you can buy directly from the artist.

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