Illustrated and Designed by deb hoeffner
Written by Daniel W. Boone

Jeffrey is different. He wears a superhero cape to feel strong but his challenges in school make him the subject of cruel bullying and teasing. He has a hard time making friends but one boy stands by him. Seeing the kindness Jeffrey, Brayden believes in him and with his support and friendship everyone slowly discover how very special Jeffrey really is.   A Friendship for Life is written by a retired teacher who worked with special needs children. The story was inspired by the author’s grandson and his “special” friend. As the illustrator and designer of the book, I chose to illustrate Jeffrey’s difference with a superhero cape.  More about this book here.

True friendships are the treasures of life.

childrens book cover

boy wearing cape
child bully image
realistic drawing of boy
asian boy illustration
special needs children
sad child illustration
children in capes running
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