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clouded leopard illustration lager beer label
national animal Cambodia illustration of forest ox for beer advertising
endangered animal tortoise drawing for advertising campaign
beer label and coaster illlustrations by deb hoeffner illustration

packaging illustrations beer label illustrations

Kingdom Breweries Campaign


Four black and white beer label illustrations of Cambodian endangered wildlife for packaging and promotion of new beer production company, Kingdom Breweries of Cambodia. The kouprey, which is the national animal of Cambodia, the impressed tortoise, the clouded leopard and the pangolin all created to have expression and personality and yet to fit into existing background of engraved style. As the CEO put it, the kouprey (used for the stout) and cloudy (clouded leopard) should look like someone you would like to have a beer with. Even the turtle has expression.

  • graphite pencil and photoshop

endangered turtle drawing beer label illustrations

“I just wanted to personally say how much I love your work and how great your illustrations are. Everyone’s worked for almost a year to bring Kingdom to life: the animals were something that we all really wanted right at the beginning — a different side of Cambodia from the two usual images and stories that people see — ancient temples and decades of war. Thanks to your beautiful work and such a collaborative attitude through the work process you’ve really helped create something we’re so proud of. Thanks for everything!”

—Marianne Waller
Executive Creative Director, Bates 141 Cambodia

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