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Broken Wing – Cover illustration for Children’s Book


Cover angel art from “The Adventures of Andi O’Malley” children’s chapter book series about a little girl and her guardian angel, Jelly Roll. In this story, Andi helps a little angel with a broken wing.


We Met on the Internet

“The beginning of a beautiful, romance? No. How about the beginning of a wonderful and rewarding Author/Artist relationship? Yep…I met my artist on the web.”

A little over a year ago I was the enthusiastic and totally naive author who wanted to self-publish her books. I got on-line and started surfing.”

Perhaps through sheer dumb luck or as I would prefer to think, divine intervention, I found Deb Hoeffner. I saw examples of her work on the Internet and contacted her, via email of course, and the rest as they say is history.”

Over the next year Deb and I became email penpals of sorts, never meeting as I lived in Venezuela and she in New Jersey. I would send my stories and ideas and she would send back sketches and final art. From the beginning she seemed to understand where I was going with the series. Deb successfully finds the ‘heart’ of each story and is able to bring the characters to life in a way that truly amazes and delights me as the author. Thanks in part to Deb’s willingness to ‘burn the midnight oil’ the first five books in my series were released March 2003. The reviews have been positive and I believe that the covers alone were Boy Who Cried Wolf - Andi OMalley series book cover illustrationa major reason I got a national distributor, a critical step in getting my books into the major book store chains.”

Deb’s work on the first five books was so wonderful and inspiring that I contracted her to do the artwork for the next six books as well. I knew if anyone could take subjects like death, teen suicide, lying or hair loss, and come up with a cover that captured the feeling while still incorporating a touch of lightness, it would be Deb. I am happy to say that I haven’t been disappointed. Deb has already completed the covers for the next six and if possible I am more excited about the new set than the first.”

Yet, looking back on our journey, I find it amazing that we did it all over the Internet. I would guess that many other such relationships will begin like ours. I can only hope their stories turn out as well and they too live happily ever after.”

—Celeste Messer
Author of “The Adventures of Andi O’Malley.”

Adventures of Andi O'Malley cover art

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