Soft realistic oil paintings in an old master’s style with a contemporary touch by deb hoeffner

Oil Portrait Artist Deb Hoeffner Sample of the soft realism gallery work of illustrator deb hoeffner. She combines modern soft-realistic style with an old master’s touch for high-quality portraits of people, scenics and animals. the best oil portrait illustrator is often the oil portrait illustrator, a realistic oil portrait illustration artist portfolio, complete with all the modern artist samples, mural on canvas. large oil paintings, animal paintings in oil, mural paintings, portrait portfolio, classical painting, classical realism, commissioning an artist, representational art, realistic oil painting. artist for hire for the period of art known as the time of impressionism. Bucks County Fine Arts Gallery, Pennsylvania Impressionist, Bucks County artist

Old master’s technique with a fresh color approach is the oil painting style of deb hoeffner. Using glazing in multiple layers, a transparent glow in a distinctive soft realism for landscape, portraits and oversized mural oils.

Native American little girls portrait
Philadelphia historical harbor mural
William Penn and Penn’s Treaty
Sheep painting
The Storyteller – portrait of a little girl
Pennsylvania Impressionist
Bucks County landscape
Church portraits
Bucks County animal portraits
Siberian Cat oil portrait

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