unique soft realism style in illustrations, drawings and paintings

“Not only does Deb Hoeffner have an incredible artistic range,
there is a superb, often profound depth to everything she does.”

—Cathie Viksjo, Bucks County Town & Country Living

“Deb’s artwork catches folks’ eyes.”

—Kaley Willow, singer/songwriter

“Deb Hoeffner’s pencil illustrations are beautifully done,
filled with emotion and detail.”

—Marisa Behan, National Center for the Study of Children’s Literature

Welcome to the website of award-winning artist and illustrator
deb hoeffner. Realistic illustration, paintings, black and white drawings, and portraits by an artist specializing in people and animals with personality. The traditional mediums of pencil, watercolor, pastel and oils with a splash of digital are masterfully used to create realistic yet painterly images in the artist’s own uniquely colorful style. Works in progress photos show the techniques and steps used to create illustrations for books, commissioned portraits and more.